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Okinawa Spiritual Story Total 77min. SD
Five short horror movies.

Possession 44min. SD
Spiritual drama.

Yumiko has been taking care of her husband who has a serious illness. Lately, she, herself started having migrain and suffer from auditory hallucination. When she went to see a doctor, she was dignosed as having tumor on her brain. She has no hope in her future, and her symptom keep getting worth.

Six decades ago. During the war, Okinawa was a hard-fought field. Soldiers and people were hiding in the trench, and people were killing each other, or they were forced to kill themselves. They were struck with fear and terror.

At that time, people desire to live, but they were killed by the war. There was no choice. Today, all the people has the right to live, but they desire to die. This is the story of the curious human being today linked with the time about six decades ago.

The Messenger 110min SD
Love & comedy.

On the heaven, there was a couple who promised to be together if they had a chance to have another life on the earth. When they tried to go to the earth, an accident happened, and only the man got back to the earth. The woman left behind on the heaven begged a boss angel to bring her to the earth. Finally, she got a permission to stay on the earth for a month, but she didn’t know the body prepared for her on the earth was a man, a tough guy. When she got to the earth, she tried to find the man she loved, but she was afraid to tell him that she was born as a tough guy this time.

It is a slapstick comedy going on between the heaven and the earth.
How do you think their love is going to end up?
The unique characters make you have fun and bring you to their curious world.

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投稿者 HIKO